Are you a Canadian Living in Florida?

Cross-Border Financial and Investment Planning: Canadians Living in Florida

Life in the Sunshine State

Experts suggest that as many as three million Canadians escape frigid winters or live year-round in the U.S., and that number of snowbirds is sure to rise. According to estimates reported in Toronto’s Globe and Mail, Canadian buyers have been purchasing as much as 30% of Florida real estate in the years since 2008.

Whether you want a seasonal escape or a permanent relocation to Florida’s endless sunshine, it’s important to partner with a team that brings extensive cross-border knowledge and a comprehensive cross-border platform. After all, relocating without proper planning could quickly sour your “Sun Belt” dreams and result in a disjointed financial plan with higher taxation, poor estate planning and enhanced risk.

Cardinal Point is a Canada-U.S. cross-border wealth management firm that specializes in working with Canadians, Canadian expats and Canada-U.S. dual citizens living and/or working in Florida. With an office in Boca Raton, the heart of Florida’s Gold Coast, we focus on the core financial, investment, tax and estate planning issues that impact Canadians living in Florida.

Need Help Managing Your Cross Border Lifestyle?

Now more than ever, individuals and their families are moving back and forth between Canada and Florida for personal and professional reasons. This creates complex cross-border investment management, tax, estate and financial planning challenges that require specialized expertise to manage.

With Cardinal Point, clients receive a personalized, integrated investment and financial planning solution that includes:

  • Management of Canadian and U.S. client assets under an integrated platform
  • Advice on specific assets that should transfer to the U.S. or remain in Canada
  • Retirement planning and advice on retirement benefits such as CPP, OAS, Social Security and Medicare
  • Holistic advice on cross-border financial and estate planning
  • Creation of a cross-border transition and exit strategy between Canada and the U.S.
  • Assistance with cross-border tax filings, foreign-based account disclosures (FBAR, FATCA) and navigating the U.S.-Canada Tax Treaty
  • Assistance on cross-border asset transfers and currency conversions
  • Canadian stock option and company bonus plan advice
  • Guidance on real estate and businesses located cross-border
  • Collaboration with other professional advisors to ensure the various components of the cross-border plan are fully integrated and coordinated
  • Health, life, disability, long-term care, business and property insurance review

Ready to take the Next Step?

Whether you are transitioning residency between the U.S. and Canada or you have already made the move but continue to hold investment assets or financial interests in both countries, proper cross-border financial planning can integrate and coordinate the asset management of your investments, reduce taxes and maximize your estate.

If you would like to discuss your cross-border financial planning needs or request further information, please complete our contact form and a Cardinal Point representative will reach out to you.

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Our Specialization

Cardinal Point is a Canada-U.S. cross-border wealth management firm that specializes in working with Canadians, Canadian expats and Canada-U.S. dual citizens living and/or working in Florida.

With an office in Boca Raton, we are conveniently located in Florida and specialize in servicing the unique financial, investment, tax and estate planning needs of Canadians living in Florida.

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